May 052015

Flight Trampoline Park is a cutting-edge entertainment, fitness, and sports facility unlike anything you have ever experienced. Flight Trampoline Park is the ultimate venue for active social outings, intense individual workouts and memorable birthday parties. We are the ultimate trampoline park!
You can bounce in our open jump field, play intense trampoline dodgeball, and do tricks out the wazoo, perfect your snowboard moves on our bounce board, get a grueling cross fit style trampoline workout with our Flight Fit classes, and dunk a basketball on our Super Slam Dunk Basketball Hoop.

Our parties are all the rage. We have top of the line party hosts, and facility to host the coolest parties this side of the Mississippi, and the other side. If dodgeball is your thing, we have dodgeball tournaments that are fast paced, competitive, and incredibly fun!

Our facility is open to all ages, and we have a myriad of different types of Open Jump to facilitate all needs! There is Kid Flight for the youthful and small! Special needs night twice a month! We offer fundraisers for the growing small business or organization! Family night weekly! And, perhaps our most exciting night, Club Flight the most awesome teen scene there is. We have laser lights, disco balls, glow in the dark dodgeball, glow sticks, black lights, and so much more. It is the supreme teen hang out spot!

Flight Trampoline Park is Virginia’s premiere indoor trampoline park. There is so much exhilarating, high flying fun to be had, what are are waiting for!? Jump on in!

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