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Dec 162013
Help keep track of your RSVPs on your tablet or phone

If you’ve RSVPed for one of our playdates, you doubtless realize we use Eventbrite to manage our calendar. What you may not realize, though, is that Eventbrite offers a mobile app that helps keep track of your RSVPs. Once you’ve installed it and logged in, you can use features like canceling your RSVPs or add events to your phone calendar with one click. And if you’re one of our fabulous hosts, the Eventbrite Entry app will give you access to the RSVP list and let you check people in from your phone.

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Apr 032013
Why don't we have membership dues?

I made a commitment a long time ago never to have a fee to belong to the Joy Troupe. I realize that membership dues are popular in this kind of organization, and that they can be helpful in underwriting group operations. (In our case, mostly web hosting and promotional expenses, but some groups use membership [...]

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Mar 202013
Will there be other children close in age with my child at this event?

Don’t forget! If you want to see more activities geared toward your needs- preschoolers, young babies, afternoons, weekends, you name it- we’d love to have some volunteers to help plan them. And, of course, we look forward to getting to know you no matter what the age(s) of your kid(s). So please join us, whether you’re expecting baby number 1 or you’ve got one in school already and another one still at home with you.

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Mar 052013
How can I promote my business to JT NOVA moms?

By submitting it to our Mamapreneur Directory or by sponsoring a Giveaway. We also offer advertising opportunities! Kid or parent oriented businesses submitted to our Mamapreneur Directory may become Featured Mamapreneurs. There is an option for every budget, including NO budget!

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Feb 222013
Why aren't there more events near my home?

Because all our events are hosted by volunteers! If you have a particular location, day of the week, or time of day you’d like to get together, please, please, PLEASE volunteer to host a playdate! It will be tons of fun! And we’ll love you forever! Promise! You can become a host by filling out [...]

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Feb 212013
How will I get the address for this home playdate?

You’ve probably noticed that the address for home playdates is not posted on the event. If you’re like most people, you easily understand that we are cautious about posting our home addresses on the internet. To help protect the privacy of all involved, home addresses are sent via email to the attendees only. This is [...]

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Feb 202013
How do I cancel my RSVP?

It happens to everyone- the cable guy can ONLY come during the playdate, or you kid wakes up sick and you want to make your spot available to someone on the waiting list.

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Mar 242011
Sick Policy

That’s right, the flu shot ads have started on TV again, so it’s time for our annual reminder of our icky sick policy! Please keep the following guidelines in mind when you are deciding whether you and your child should attend a group event. What is our illness policy? Can I attend an event if [...]

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