Alexandria City Playgrounds

Welcome to the Alexandria VA Playground listing! We would love to see you at one of these wonderful playgrounds- why don’t you stop by the Little Lambs of Alexandria Playgroup page and find out how we can get to know you?

Apr 022012
Windmill Hill Park

If you’ve got a kid who likes to run up the slide, take them to Windmill Hill to have a go at the climbing hill. In fact, climbers, clamberers, and shinniers of all descriptions will love this playground. The climbing hill separates the enclosed playground into two areas- one suitable for toddlers, and one meant for pre-K and up.

Apr 022012
Brookvalley Park

The play equipment in this park is not gathered together into a single playground area, but scattered on either side of the Holmes Run Trail throughout the park. This is either a totally brilliant idea or a totally awful idea, depending on how likely your kid is to dart out in front of oncoming cyclists when they get bored and want to move on to the next piece of equipment.

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Mar 312012
Tarleton Park

If you haven’t visited Tarleton Park lately, it’s time for another look. The park’s previous, safe if a bit seedy, play equipment has been demolished. In its place is a fully enclosed off-leash exercise area for dogs, and a brand new, train themed, play area has been installed nearby. New walking paths connect the park with the Holmes Run Trail and with the street. The playground has a rubber surface and is in partial shade, depending on the time of day.

Apr 222011
Armory Tot Lot

The Armory Tot Lot in the City of Alexandria is a favorite. It’s perfect for the 0-4 age group. Also great for those with multiple children. It’s small, sandbox, bucket swings and climbing structure. Best part is that it’s fenced in, so no losing kiddos or chasing two in different directions.

Apr 072011
Fort Ward Park

Fort Ward Park is located at4301 West Braddock Road, Alexandria VA. Well away from any roads or traffic, this playground offers plenty of fun equipment and is shady during the hottest part of the day in summer.   Hey! Looking for more playgrounds? Be sure to visit our NOVA Playground Map to find them by [...]

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Mar 152011

Goat Hill Park Goat Hill Park 33 Kennedy St, Alexandria VA Rubber surface, mostly enclosed, cute, cute cute! The kids had a great time here. It’s a smallish place with a soft rubber surface and some shade. Parking is on neighborhood streets. There are some gaps in the enclosure, so you’ll want to watch out, [...]

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Mar 112011
Ben Brenman Park

Ben Brenman Park (4800 Brenman Park Drive, Alexandria VA 22304) tot lot is completely enclosed and features a soft rubber surface. The park is beautiful and has paved walking paths, where you can see wildlife such as geese, herons, turtles, redwing blackbirds, fish, and more. (Do watch out for goose droppings!) The park is not shaded, and there are public restrooms in a building near the playground.