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The thing to keep in mind about indoor play areas is that sun kills germs. So, while we are used to thinking of playgrounds as being possibly muddy or wet, we don’t normally think of them as “germy.” But indoor play areas are quite likely to be. Ask the staff how often the equipment is cleaned or make judicious use of disinfecting wipes yourself, especially if you have a young infant or an immune-compromised family member.

Jun 232015
Jump into summer at Flight Trampoline Park in Springfield, VA

Although our area boasts many stellar parks and outdoor activities, an indoor option is a must for days when the weather is just not on your side. Flight Trampoline Park is no quiet trip to the library or passive movie watching experience- it is pure, kinetic, active, participation from the moment you get on the trampoline until the moment you go home at the end. Click through for some tips to help you have your very best Flight Trampoline Park experience.

Jun 022015
FREE Summer Bowling for your kids all summer long!

SUMMER IS COMING. What’s better than indoor fun? Free indoor fun. You can sign your kiddo up for some free bowling this summer. All it takes is an email address and a couple of minutes, and you’ll be hooked up with free games DAILY. Talk about a backup plan! Bowl America (2 free games per day [...]

Mar 072015
Family Paint Night at the Durant Arts Center in Old Town Alexandria

I recently did some research on “Paint Night” activities for another post, and I found out that it can be hard to tell exactly what you’re getting. They all use pretty much the same language to describe the activity, but unless you actually go, you can’t know whether it’s one of the type that have [...]

Dec 192014
Springfield Town Center Indoor Play Area

Springfield Town Center (Formerly known as Springfield Mall) has a new indoor play area with a food theme, and it’s seriously cute. Aside from the soft climbing toys, there are various hands-on activities around the edges of the fully enclosed play area. There is also plenty of parent seating, and ample “stroller parking” just outside [...]

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Oct 272014
Member Review:  Flight Trampoline Park

When you have children your life always changes dramatically. You develop a passion for yoga pants that would have stunned pre-baby you. Your purse is suddenly three sizes bigger and the contents become a fun interactive facebook game. (Go ahead and look. Mine currently contains four broken crayons, a dinosaur, a handful of rocks, a [...]

Jul 102014
Great Play of Fairfax

Great Play of Fairfax was too much fun to fit on one page, and I didn’t worry about whether we would need the first aid kit even one time. Coming from the mother of my hooligans, that is high praise!

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Feb 182014
Potomac Overlook Park Kids' Cave

Visit Potomac Overlook Regional Park and head into the nature center for a learning adventure. From the Kids’ Cave to the hands on exhibits, you and your kids will have a great time. Rainy day got you down? Too cold to brave the outdoors? Head on over to the nature center and explore the kids [...]

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Nov 152013
Lee District Soft Play Room Updated

You may have heard already that the Lee District REC Center soft play room has had an equipment update. I haven’t been able to check it out for myself, but everyone I’ve talked to who has seen the new fixins says they are awesome! And now, thanks to JMM Tressa L, here are some photos for you, so you can get a peek at what’s new before your next visit! Thanks, Tressa!

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May 282013
Regal Cinemas Summer Movie Express- $1 movies

$1 movies every Tuesday and Wednesday all summer long! I took both kids last summer and they had a blast. The advantage (other than the air conditioning…) is that if they aren’t into it, you don’t feel like you’ve lost out on a lot if you leave before it’s over! You can get locations, start [...]