Welcome to Alexandria (Fairfax County)

There are lots of great resources for families living in this area at the Little Lambs Playgroup Page, but if you’re new to the area, here are a few that are just for you.

If your mailing address is Alexandria but  you don’t live within the city limits of Alexandria, welcome to the neighborhood! My family loves it here.

First, you’ll be looking for a place. If you are looking to buy, contact Roe Panella. She knows this area like the back of her hand, and she’ll work hard to get you into the right place for you.

While you’re house hunting, be sure to check out the local schools. Even if your little one isn’t ready for school (or even born) yet, the fact is you’ll want to know if you’re moving into a neighborhood with good schools- because a move before Kindergarten might not be convenient.

Some helpful links for getting your place move-in ready:

Dominion Virginia (Electric)

Washington Gas

Verizon FiOs (Cable, Internet, Phone)

Cox Communications (Cable, Internet, Phone)

Fairfax Water

Fairfax County Trash & Recycling (Including Special Pickup for all the junk you get rid of when you move)

Did we forget something? What did you wish you knew when you moved into the area? Pass it on down there in the comment box!

Getting Around:

If you have moved here from another state, consider getting a GPS. It’s really easy to get into the wrong lane and suddenly find yourself on the wrong side of the river. If you add up what gas costs these days, you’ll realize a GPS is probably cheaper in the long run.

Sign up for Traffic Alerts

Find your nearest Library Branch.

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