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The Joy Troupe NOVA Evening and Weekend Playgroup

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Evening and Weekend Playgroup Members get Top NOVA Mom News for FREE and get priority invitation to awesome, free, family events!

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As a bonus, you’ll also get to download our 2009 cookbook e-version FOR FREE!

Moms who work outside the home have special networking needs. If you want a chance to get to know other moms who understand that the joys of motherhood are not dimmed by the difficulties of finding competent child care and who can share advice on making things work when you work in the home and outside the home, this is the group for you. Our social events are held in the evenings and on weekends so you and your kids have the chance to socialize and build your network on your schedule.

The evening & weekend playgroup needs a coordinator! Learn more here.

Evening and Weekend Playgroup News

Meghan is your organizer. Meet Meghan:
I like blues, punk, crime drama, mysteries, knitting, science fiction, having boys, and keeping active. I am a cat person, although I think dogs should have equal opportunities. When I'm not here, you'll find me on my personal blog, on our main site, or out and about with my kids!
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