Your Stroller Hike Guide to Northern VA

Stroller Friendly Trails & Hikes of Northern VA

When you have a baby or toddler (or both) on board for your adventures, you can’t always count on regular trail information listings to include what you need. Our Stroller Friendly Trail roundup includes how to find bathrooms, where to park, how safe the trail is for older kids who are walking the trail with you, and how difficult it is to navigate with a stroller. You’ll have everything you need to know so you can plan a successful stroller hike.

If you want more information on area trails, here are some resources for you:

Stroller Friendly Trails & Hikes in NOVA

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Huntley Meadows Park

Stroller walking at Huntley Meadows Park is exercise plus. Not only is there a smooth, mostly level walking path to enjoy your stroller walk or hike, you get to explore the wetlands. (Bikes and jogging are prohibited in some areas of the park.)The trail surface is mixed gravel and boardwalk, and goes out through the wetlands portion of the park. We saw an egret, tadpoles, a big fish, geese, and ducks. There are several observation platforms and plenty of benches if you need to take a break and rest little legs or nurse a cranky baby.

Watching the ducks at Belle Haven Marina

Mount Vernon Trail: Belle Haven Marina

Enjoy the breeze off the water and take in the view while you stroll, walk, bike, or jog the Mount Vernon Trail. This 18 mile system of parks, trails, and scenic routes goes from Rosslyn to Mount Vernon. You can access the trail at a number of locations along its route, all with parking. There are also restroom facilities and (in season) water fountains at various points, as well as picnic areas, scenic overlooks, and historical markers.

Bridge crossing on the Lee District Park Trail

Lee District Trail

Head over to Lee District Park for a hike! Once you’ve tired of getting your stroll on, you’ll have five different play areas to choose from for the kids to enjoy while you wind down with a drink and a snack. Parts of the nature trail are definitely for the more intrepid strollers among us, but you’ll find a perfect “Pooh Sticks” bridge, lots of attractive views, and some good opportunities to teach your kid how to follow trail blazes.

Green Spring Gardens

Your biggest impediment to getting your walk on at Green Spring will be how often you want to stop and snap a photo of your little darling and whatever gorgeous thing you’re passing now. We explored this charming place on a gorgeous spring day. It was idyllic. Be sure to pack sunscreen, and have your camera charged and a blank memory card in the slot- it’ll be getting a workout here!

Loftridge Park Trail

Loftridge Park is a Fairfax County park located inside the Loftridge townhome community. You’ll enjoy a short but shady, challenging hike (or jog) here. The trail is moderately travelled.

Holmes Run Trail

This heavily traveled path runs along  Holmes Run, linking several recreational parks. The paved trail is frequently marked with a center line, and is plenty smooth, wide, and level enough for any type of stroller. Your older child will be entertained along the way, as there are several play spaces in the various parks linked by the trail.

Dora Kelley Nature Preserve

If the water is low and you are not afraid of getting your feet (and your wheels!) wet, you can take the stream across the ford and hook up with the Holmes Run trail . Just hang a left when you get to Morgan Street and you’ll see the trail head across North Beauregard. If you prefer to skip the ford, just take the other fork and turn right when you get to Beauregard St.

Bay View Trail at Mason Neck Park

This trail is awesomely educational and incredibly easy on the eyes. That said, it’s pretty rugged. In addition to a couple wicked sets of steps, there were lots of sections that had so many bumpy tree roots that I had to work pretty hard to keep the stroller upright. We DID do it with a jogging stroller.

Manassas Battlefield Park First Manassas Trail

If you are very fit and fairly intrepid, you should be able to manage this trail just fine. If you are just starting back to hiking or don’t have much experience, I suggest you do this trail with another adult the first time.

Lake Accotink Trail

The Lake Accotink Park trail loop is a moderately challenging hike with several places to stop and let restless kids out so they can run around. There are plenty of scenic opportunities, and the fact that it’s a loop means you’ll end up back at the car when you’re done!

Pirate Ship play structure at Jones Point Park

Jones Point Park

The Jones Point Park playground is cute, safe, and fun and the park is a great destination for picnics or family recreation for all ages. Stroller friendly trail, interactive learning features, and two playgrounds to choose from.

 Want more family friendly, outdoor adventures?

Be sure to bookmark the Stroller FriendlyTrail Guide so you can see new trails as we add them! For more outdoor adventures, make sure you visit our Interactive Playground Map of Northern VA. Is your favorite place not listed? We love submissions! Please contact us with a story tip or article submission.


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