Dora Kelley Nature Preserve

This is a little opportunity to get away from it all without leaving “it all.” If you’re hitting this trail with older kids, they’ll enjoy the chance to hunt fossils along the trail, or hopping from post to post on the stream crossing. (This section of the trail is NOT stroller friendly, so if you want to explore it you’ll need a pack. Or a team of porters to lift the stroller over the stream.)

If the water is low and you are not afraid of getting your feet (and your wheels!) wet, you can take the stream across the ford and hook up with the Holmes Run trail . Just hang a left when you get to Morgan Street and you’ll see the trail head across North Beauregard.  If you prefer to skip the ford, just take the other fork and turn right when you get to Beauregard St.

I visited on a sunny, pleasant Saturday and found the length of the trail moderately frequented by families, cyclists, and romantic couples of all ages. Your nearest restroom once you leave the Nature Center is at Ben Brenman Park, several miles away, so, “go before you go!”

Trail surface: Mostly paved, some dirt.
Freedom Coded: Red. Lots of water.
Double stroller accessible: Yes. The paved trails are wide and level.
Stroller type: Any for the trail. Some of the side turnings will require a jogger or pack.
Distance: One mile of trail within the park. If you continue to the Holmes Run Trail, you can keep going until your feet wear out.
Loop: no.
Shade cover: mostly
Restrooms: in the Buddie Ford Nature Center during open hours.
Parking: ample, in the nature center lot. You will want to access the trail by exiting the parking lot and turning left on the street, not by going down the extremely long flight of steps from the nature center.
Getting There: Dora Kelley Nature Preserve, 5750 Sanger Avenue, Alexandria VA

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