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Why should you write for the Joy Troupe NOVA?

  • It’ll look good in your portfolio. This site has been online for 10 years, and I have no plans to stop running it. If you hope to pursue any kind of writing or communications gig, and you are currently at home with a little one, keeping a portfolio of work you’ve done while you are “on leave” is a great resume strategy.
  • You retain the rights to your work! All I ask is that if you wish to republish an article you’ve posted here, you let me know, so we can work together to make sure Google does not penalize either me or the other sites you are contributing to for duplicate content.
  • You don’t want to do the boring parts of blogging. Have you ever spent an evening boning up on the latest news on how to optimize a WordPress site for search engines? Do you just LOOOOVE hunting down a new theme because your old one is no longer supported? Are you obsessed with load times and how to shorten them? If you answered YES to any of those questions I REALLY want you to help me with some things, but I’m guessing you said NO to all of them. Great news- I do all of that, you just write.
  • You like to try new things. When people start new businesses in our area, one of the first things they do is seek out sites like this one. They reach out to sites like The Joy Troupe NOVA to promote their business, and I pass that information on to the team. This means that as a JT contributor, you are in a position to hear about and try new things first.
  • Your work will be shared on our social media. Our social following is not huge, but cross-promotion always gives you the chance to access a new audience.

Do you pay contributors?

Not at this time. Any future paid opportunities will be available to established contributors first.

What kind of content do you accept?

You can write about what interests you, as long as it’s 1- local, 2- relevant to people raising a family in the area, and 3- your original work.

I reserve the right to decline any submission, of course.

How to get your submission rejected:

  • Don’t proofread or spell check it.
  • Use it to promote your business. (See the Media & PR page if you want to promote your business, please.)
  • Quote unreliable sources or take a political stance. (This is a local resource, and every member of our community deserves to feel welcome here. Exceptions are GOTV efforts and other, similar community-wide, non partisan efforts.)

Can I pitch businesses to comp me to facilitate a review?

Yes, once you have published a few articles on the site, you are welcome to submit pitches for your story ideas. There are resources to help you with this if it’s not something you’ve done before! You may also have an @joytroupe.com email address if you like. I set mine up to be retrieved by my gmail inbox, so I get all my work emails in one place. Just let me know before you start and when you are planning a pitch, so we can avoid duplicating efforts.

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