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The Joy Troupe NOVA started in the fall of 2007, because, as a new mom who had recently relocated “home” to the area after 11 years away, I had no idea how I was going to meet other humans, big and small, and entertain this little person I was responsible for.

Ten years later, my tiny human has turned into two medium sized humans, but the more things change, the more they stay the same. I am still always on the lookout for ways to entertain them, and I know you are, too. So I continue to maintain this site as a resource for NOVA families who want to know about hands on experiences they can enjoy with (or without!) their kids.

{PSSST! I am currently recruiting contributing writers! This is not currently a paid gig, but there are occasional perks, and if you would like to just do the fun parts of sharing the best things about living in NOVA and skip the boring stuff like updating WordPress themes and understanding how an email campaign works, contact me with your story ideas!}

I know it’s never hard to find way to spend money around here, so I focus on free, frugal, and fun.

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About Us

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