Bulletproof houseplants, Forestall the “I’M BORED”s, and more

Here’s a roundup of what you may have missed at our parent site, Joy Makin’ Mamas, this week! How to choose houseplants you won’t have to nourish with your tears, books I don’t want to set on fire after three pages, and purse-ready FREE activities to reach for in a pinch. Scroll on for more:

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Your career as a serial plant killer stops now.

easy to grow houseplants for busy families joy makin mamasNot only do I not have a green thumb, I have actually killed mint and English Ivy, widely considered to be easy houseplants to grow. This might be a weird confession for someone who has what can only be described as an exuberant garden and a number of healthy houseplants, but this is a situation that has only come about through trial and error. Mostly error. Find out which three houseplants I have NEVER killed, and one you should definitely avoid, here.


Free Printable Gifts & Activities for kids

free printable gifts for kids joy makin mamas

Free is my favorite price! Be ready for the dreaded “I’M BORED” during your holiday travels and family activities- this roundup is full of hands-on, FREE activities your kiddos will like and that can bridge the gap for them with special family members they only see a few times a year. You’ll find the whole list HERE!

Hunger in our communities: PWNED by Maddi’s Fridge

Maddi's Fridge Review Joy Makin Mamas The Sun Went DownWhen I had finished drinking in every atom of my son after he was born, it suddenly occurred to me that I needed life to be fair. It’s still not, and now it’s my job to explain that to him (and his brother.) Doing that is hard…  This book is one of the best resources I have ever seen for talking about how some people- right in our own neighborhoods- do not have enough to eat, and what we can do to help. You can read the whole review, here.

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