Arlington County VA Playgrounds

Thank you for stopping by our Arlington County Playground listing! Local moms have submitted their favorites, so if you don’t see one you know is great, please send it to us! Why don’t you join our Wee Play Together in Arlington Playgroup at one of these great playgrounds for a playdate? We’d love to get to know you!

Apr 132014
Potomac Overlook Park: Playground and more

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure that is fun, active AND educational, look no further than Potomac Overlook Park. There is no part of the park where they haven’t tucked something visually interesting, educational, or physically challenging. The hiking trail is appropriate for steady, mobile children. For toddlers and babies you will need a pack, as there are several stream crossings and steep areas that are not suitable for any kind of stroller.

Sep 042012
Powhatan Springs Park - Children's Rain Garden

The parking lot is closed on rainy days because the rain garden is attached to the skate park. However, the sidewalk access is always available and there is plenty of street parking nearby. The rain garden isn’t very big, so this is a good outing to sandwich in between a couple of errands (or at the tail end of an errand on the way home, so you won’t be about town with soaking wet kids) because it doesn’t take long to explore the whole area. It offers a lot of learning “bang” for not a lot of time “buck,” so we definitely plan to return for future visits.

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May 282012
Upton Hill Regional Park Playground

This playground is built in what was once a water feature, so there are two levels. My kid loved the fact that there were steps and a little bridge, but it was a hot, sunny day, and the equipment was just a bit too hot to play on. There’s plenty of shady, grassy space to play in, even if the day is very hot.

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