Recommendation: Hilda at Reflections in McLean

I have a curly-top kid who didn’t like getting his head wet. His whole life, washing his hair had been a struggle. And since he was bald for a great deal of his life, he was pretty big by the time hair cutting came up. What we needed was someone who not only could make his curly hair look good without giving him a buzz cut, but someone who could navigate this quirk of his without making it worse. I am lucky enough that the awesome stylist, Hilda, who cut my own hair when  I was a child is still available at Carla’s in McLean. (And, by the way, she makes MY hair look great, too, even during the whole Post Partum Hair Loss phase.)

Well. First the shampoo that comes before a cut and style. Not my kid. He didn’t let his own father wash his hair! No one but Mommy could wash his hair! Hilda said, “no problem!”

She did his first couple haircuts without washing his hair because he said no. (And made him look great anyway!) When we’d leave she’d say, “next time, you let me wash your hair, ok?” and eventually he did. Which is when the entire staff applauded and congratulated him, because they are just that awesome. Who could not love going somewhere that understands kids so well that they “get” what a big deal it was for my kid to let Miss Hilda wash his hair?

Reflections Beauty Salon & Day Spa
(703) 356-6555
1343 Chain Bridge Rd, McLean, VA 22101

ATTENTION parents of special needs children: I asked Hilda about kids who have issues with their hair cuts, because she has always been so patient and sensitive with mine. (My eldest now accepts it with a smile, and my youngest… well, we’re working on it, but he looks great when she’s done.) She said anyone whose child has issues can call the front desk and just request a full hour for the appointment. You don’t need to explain to the person answering the phone, just request her and ask for a full hour, and she will spend time with your child to be sure he or she is comfortable before she begins cutting. She made sure to mention that she understands not every special needs kid is going to feel comfortable with her or with the salon, so don’t worry you’ll be offending her if it doesn’t work out.

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