The Fourth R: Get RID of it!

You’ve Reduced, Re-Used, and Recycled, and now it’s time for some of your stuff to find a new home so someone ELSE can use it. Here’s how to get Rid of it without breaking your stride! If you won’t be stopping by your favorite thrift store this week, call or click one of these- they pick up.

Generally, each place has several scheduled dates when they’ll be in your neighborhood next. Be sure to check their list of accepted items so your donation doesn’t end up in a dumpster!

Vietnam Veterans Association
Lupus Foundation
Purple Heart
Salvation Army
National Children’s Center

They’ll pick up your donation, leave you a receipt so you can take a tax deduction, and you’ll go on your merry way. (Be sure to look up the fair market value of your items!)

If none of them can come soon enough, don’t forget your two non-charitable options: Freecycle and Craig’s List! You won’t get a donation receipt, but with only the occasional hitch you can find an individual to come pick up your item or items and get them out of your life.

(Did I miss any? Let me know by leaving a comment.)

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