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If you’d like to know more about our overall social media reach or our site traffic, you can visit our media page. Please be advised that the listed rates are subject to change at any time, and we reserve the right to refuse any ad that is not a good fit with our mission. THANK YOU for your interest in sponsoring our organization!

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mamapreneurFree Advertising for Mom Owned Businesses

Mamapreneurs, do not forget to add your FREE listing to our Mamapreneur directory! You can maximize your exposure by combining your listing with a newsletter ad, giveaway, or review. Read on for details!

your_ad_hereTraditional advertising to our members

You will no doubt notice that we do not offer sidebar advertising. In addition to being one of the least effective forms of advertising on the web right now, our mobile theme does not have sidebars. Our sponsors will receive a sidebar button as a “perk” of their sponsorship, but in the interest of offering sponsorships that actually reach our members, they are not currently a “stand alone” option. New or renewing sponsors (at every level) will also receive a shout out in our Weekly Planner and on social media. THANK YOU for your support of our organization, and we look forward to working with you! (If you are renewing your ad, just use the purchase option and we will extend the schedule accordingly. Thanks!)

Sponsor a Giveaway for our members

The average giveaway runs for two weeks. In addition to a 300-600 word post about your company and the prize, the giveaway is posted to social media between 6 and 12 times, is mentioned in at least 2400 individual emails, appears on the front page of our website, and requires the creation of at least two graphics (normally $8 each) to properly promote it. Additionally, I contact the winner and coordinate the delivery of their prize. I also include an entry option that gives my members entries for either following the sponsor via social media, or for visiting their website.

As a result, I reserve the right to decline any giveaway that might not be of interest to our members, and I thank you for providing me with an item of equal value for my personal use. Alternatively, you may purchase six months of advertising in our weekly newsletter or one month of global sponsorship above as a “thank you” for administering your giveaway. If your giveaway prize is worth $100 or more, sponsor our newsletter for one year or sponsor us globally for three months. Thank you for supporting our organization through your sponsorship. Please use the form below to contact me about sponsoring a giveaway. I look forward to working with you.

Have Your Program Reviewed

Please feel free to use the contact form to request that one of our members visit your program and consider posting a review. Your provision of free entry to your program will facilitate our visit. This is appreciated but does not guarantee you a review. In the event that we conclude we are unable to review your program, we will contact you with our feedback. Thank you for your interest in The Joy Troupe.

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TIPS: Need an ad image? We offer image creation as an “extra” for $8 per image. The image file is yours to keep and use as you wish. If you’d like to make your own, there are free image editing resources for you.  If you need a place to upload your image, apply for a FREE account at Photobucket.

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