Kid Friendly Eats: Faccia Luna Alexandria

Meatball lover at Faccia Luna in Alexandria VAFaccia Luna bills itself as a “Casual Italian and Pizza Restaurant,” and that’s exactly what you’ll get. We chose them because of the patio seating and the family-friendly menu, but we’ll be going back for the amazing service.

On the day of our visit, a little miscalculation on our part meant our kids were really very hungry by the time we arrived. They made a huge effort to behave themselves, but I think you already know that if your kid has to make a huge effort to behave, they are not making themselves 100% welcome with the world at large. Proud as I was of them both, I was aware that we were teetering on the edge of a Two-Children-Are-Having-Simultaneous-Meldowns disaster of epic proportions.

While my kids were trying not to riot and I was trying not to lose my mind, the staff was bending over backwards to make sure we had a good experience. The mark of how well they did that is that I KNEW we were a hot mess, but they never let on. They showed true class and treated us like the best customers they’d ever had. Give this place a gold star.

We were updated frequently on the status of our food, everything we needed arrived promptly, and the outdoor seating meant that our kids occasional rise in decibels wasn’t bothering anyone else… much. My only complaint about our visit is that we walked out and left our leftovers behind, so we were not able to enjoy them later! Any time my only complaint is on myself, I think I’ve had a pretty good time.

Talking lemons at Faccia Luna in Alexandria VABitty dude had the meatballs from the kids menu (and half of my salad), medium size dude had a cheese pizza which he very nearly finished all by himself, and I swooned over the angel hair, pesto, and grilled chicken I ordered off the day’s specials. The kids’ menu here offers child-size portions of real food, as opposed to the pathetic offerings you sometimes see. Thank you, Faccia Luna, for offering my kid a small bowl of meatballs and sauce instead of another go-round of chicken nuggets. Usually he just steals most of my food, because this kid likes to eat the real stuff. He was very pleased to have his own, real food!

Next time it’s a beautiful day and you are looking for someplace to take your family to eat before you enjoy the rest of what Old Town has to offer, I suggest you try the Faccia Luna. You’ll find them at 823 S Washington Street, Alexandria, Virginia or

Disclaimer: I did not receive any consideration in exchange for this post. I just thought they did an awesome job with some fairly difficult customers, and we had a good time. You should check them out, because our experience indicates you will enjoy them.

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