Oct 162014

Stribling Orchard member review Joy Troupe NOVA by Dana SasserStribling Orchard 11587 Poverty Hollow Ln, Markham, VA 22643 (540) 364-3040
Plenty of space for the kids to run and have fun! Great photo ops! About just over a dozen choices of apples: pre-picked and you pick available. And you can drive through the orchard! Pumpkins also available (pre-picked). Family owned and operated farm, just don’t feed the livestock! Great for children of all ages! They even have a country store with fresh baked items and canned items. Free to go in! About 45 min west of Alexandria. Closes 1st week in Nov. also, 1/2 price grounders! So we picked 2 bushels $40

Photos and review courtesy of Joy Troupe Member Dana S!

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