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Reston North Park CollageTo get to Reston North Park, go to the Home Depot (The Home Depot, 1651 Reston Pkwy, Reston, VA 20194) and the park is behind the store.

This is one of Reston’s more popular playgrounds. On nice days, you’ll find this place is chock full of kids having a good time- yours included. The play structure is built on two levels, with steps in between. The play equipment is roughly divided so that the areas are grouped roughly by age for the equipment. The lower level is probably more attractive to smaller children, while the upper area is probably more appropriate for older children. (5 and up.) I expect that play travels across both areas but that older kids may gravitate more toward the “older” equipment.

The playground is not enclosed. The parking lot separates the playground from the street. The lower level is the one farthest from the parking lot, which may impair your line of sight while supervising kids at this playground. There is ample green space for running available, but it is inside the park. In other words, it does not provide a buffer zone between the play area and the parking area. The playground is not shaded. The playground surface is mulch, and it appears to have been refreshed recently. (This keeps the surface under the play structure softer and makes falls less dangerous.) The variety of play equipment means this park is probably suitable for all ages of children, but you may want to consider your adult:child ratio. The line of sight and proximity to the parking lot may be issues if you are taking two toddlers to the park on your own. Just my opinion.

There is certainly no shortage of things to do at this well-designed playground. There are some drop-offs that parents of toddlers should be aware of, but there were no tight turns that would make following a toddler difficult, and the drop offs were accessible from the ground for supervision purposes. Kids of all ages will enjoy the scope and variety of the equipment at Reston North Park.

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