Disney on Ice presents Rockin’ Ever After is for boys too!

If all the princess hype about the latest Disney on Ice show had you, like me, wondering if your dudes would like it, I have good news for you.  Three of our Joy Makin’ Mamas tried the show out on their boys, and they are here to let you know that it really is ROCKIN!

Danette Z. took her son, Jon (2yo) to the show:

Photo Credit Heather R.

Jon loved the whole experience.  He was so excited when Minnie and Mickey Mouse came skating out waving at all the kids that he started bouncing in his seat.  The characters and supporting skaters did a wonderful job of covering all the sides of the audience so there didn’t appear to be any kids left out from receiving attention.

Despite barely being 2 and not being familiar with the whole Disney Princess stories, he was enthralled the whole time.  He may not have cared much about the princess love stories, but man oh man, did he get a kick out of all the sea creatures skating out for the ‘Under the Sea’ song!

One of the things I really like as a mother of a younger child is that they pretty much left out all the scarier parts of the Ariel, Tangled and Brave plot lines.  The only worrisome bit included was the hunting down of Beast from Beauty and the Beast.  Basically every part of the show had something the the littler kids could enjoy.  The horse from Tangled came out and danced along with Rapunzel.  The dishes and plates appeared with Belle and as I said Jonathan loved Ariel and begged for more Sebastian the crab.  While the older kids were caught up in the story, Jon was enjoying the details going on in the background.  And even though we started out past his bedtime, he was still cheering and applauding by the end of the show.  All the way home he talked about Mickey Mouse dancing and saying hi to him.  Basically the only criticism I had of the experience is that the sound was set a tad on the high side and you could occasionally see the more sensitive kids covering their ears.

Photo Credit Heather R.

Heather R. took her son T’iy (3yo):

My main thing was that it was the perfect length. As soon as the kids started to be fidgety, it was ending. The skaters were really good, and the “extras” really seemed to enjoy themselves. They would engage the kids with waves, and they loved it.

And Marla A. took her two boys, Trent (5yo) and Hunter (3yo):

Yesterday night I had the unexpected chance to take my kids to see Disney on Ice: Rockin’ Ever After! I have never taken my kids to a show like this before, nor have they been exposed to ice skating. So, I had to explain to them about the show they were going to see. We took a little trip to the Disney on Ice website to explore what Disney on Ice was all about, and then it was off to the Patriot Center in Fairfax!

Our show was hosted by none other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse and features the stories of four Disney princess’s, including the newest: Merida from “Brave.” The opening number had my boys smiling and waving as several pop songs played and our hosts skated out onto the ice. My boys are no strangers to the world of Disney and all of its characters and were delighted to see Mickey and Minnie, who were soon joined by Donald and Goofy!

After two brief acts from the wooden boy Pinocchio, then Anastasia and Drizella, Mickey introduced Sebastian to start “The Little Mermaid” story. Ariel’s sisters skated to Madonna’s “Vogue,” each getting her introduction. Of course, when Sebastian gets to the point where he introduces Ariel there is an empty spot under the light. From there, the story takes off in a similar fashion to the movie. The ever popular song, “Under the Sea” was featured, but I must say I was disappointed that Ursula’s number neglected to make an appearance in the show.

Photo credit Heather R.

The next feature of our Disney on Ice experience was Rapunzel’s story. The first “Tangled” number to start us off was “I’ve Got a Dream” and was so much fun! The bar brawling in the Snugly Duckling is so delightful to watch. I was very pleased to see Mother Gothel’s number was included in the show (If you can’t tell, I have affinity for the Disney villainesses). The floating lanterns looked just magical as Rapunzel and Eugene skated under them to the song “I See the Light.”

After the intermission broke we were treated to our newest, Princess Merida! I noted that our Disney on Ice experience refrained from including the more frightening parts of the stories represented. As a result, the “Brave” portion centered mostly on the conflict between Princess Merida and her mother Queen Elinor, to include the elaborate presentation of the three Scottish clans. No scary bears here! Just a quick explanation by Mickey that Merida and her mother could work out their differences.

Last, but certainly not least, was “Beauty and the Beast,” which was initiated by the number “Gaston” in the tavern. This sequence proved to have some of the most elaborate sets for the entire show. The Beast presenting the library to Belle was especially entrancing. While everything turns out fine, this segment included the scariest portion of the show since it included the showdown between the Beast and Gaston.

While my sons truly enjoyed the show, I noticed that the sound was a little too loud for them (they are still such little guys at five and three years old). A good portion of the first half of the show had them holding their hands over their ears. This didn’t seem to be as much a problem during the second half.

My family had a wonderful and magical evening! The look of delight on my youngest sons face as his favorite characters came out on the ice was heart-melting. Even though all of these stories were starring princesses, my boys were enchanted nonetheless and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They are already asking to go again. To be honest, if given the opportunity, I would take them! As testament to that, as I write this, we are watching the movies featured in last evenings performance. Thank you for a wonderful show, Disney!

Hey! Did your family see the show? Did you love it? Let us know down there in the comment box! Give us a little love and let us know you want to see another giveaway the next time Mickey and Minnie bring their friends to town!

Thank you to Feld Entertainment for providing tickets to the show in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation for this post was made, and all opinions offer the writers’ genuine perspective on the show.

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